Sore Throat Pain

Common Sore Throat Pain Symptoms:

Pain in the throat
Chills and fever
Inflammation in the throat
Swelling of lymph glands
Difficulty in swallowing
Pain in abdomen

Common Causes of Sore Throat Pain:

Bacterial throat infection
Viral infection
Fungal infection
Common cold and influenza

Sore throat cures to relieve pain one should follow the same directions used to treat a common cold. The importance of good nutrition, adequate rest, and plenty of liquids on overall health cannot be overlooked.

Other sore throat remedies include over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin tablets can be effective for relieving sore throat pain and inflammation. Throat lozenges containing mild anesthetics also can provide some measure of temporary relief. Non-prescription nasal sprays can halt excess mucus production, but only temporarily. Frequent use can cause nasal sprays to lose effectiveness, causing a rebound effect along with a dramatic increase in mucus secretion and nasal discomfort.

People with stuffy, congested noses tend to breathe through their mouth and aggravate a dry, sore throat. Drinking extra liquids and using a humidifier or cool-mist vaporizer at night can keep the nasal membranes and throat lining moist.

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